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ChopinPianoFEST Prishtina 9th Edition

Chopin Piano FEST “Prishtina” is established for the first time on the 200th anniversary of Chopin in 2010 by the established Kosovo Chopin Association as the youngest member of the International Federation of Chopin Associations, part of UNESCO.

ChopinPianoFEST “Prishtina” is a music festival highly appreciated by critics, media, fans and the growing audience as an excellent presentation of the mastery of piano, offering interpretations by both world-renowned pianists and local talents, but also serves as a cultural exchange platform between Kosovar artists and artists coming from different countries in the world.

As music is the common language of communication and cooperation, the festival hosts also musicians from countries that have not recognized Kosovo as a country yet, therefore it contributes a lot to the public/cultural diplomacy of our country.