About us

Followo is an advertising strategy concept designed to allow businesses to promote their products and services in interesting ways with a small budget. It takes a lot of energy and imagination to make it easier to buy or sell our products. The main goal of Followo is to manage interaction with Customers and Dealers, using its search engine, that explores the internet with maximum visibility to people in order to attract a wider audience. This way, success is guaranteed.

Followo offers customers an extraordinary opportunity to share their needs and desires by uploading their favorite photos. As for the Dealer, Followo allows you to develop your business by targeting potential ustomers, thereby offering the possibility to upload the photos that every Dealer wants to publish. It's a great opportunity fo Dealers to show their products and reach a wide audience.

A promotional video uploaded on Followo is essentially like a TV commercial for the internet. But unlike a TV commercial, the video on Followo can be made cheaply. And if you can reach a wide audience on television, you will be able to reach a much more targeted and relevant audience online and the potential of a viral promotional video that reaches hundreds of thousands viewers "for free". Followo is able to do a lot more ...

Followo gives you access to all information available. Customers stay informed about the state of the market in their respective region and are able to see businesses near their home. Dealers can inform your customers via Followo Info about your latest products and other arrivals. Your products are better sold if you inform your customers before and from the arrival of new products and the latest trends.